Bruce Jackson is an enigma. Some say he is a lobbyist for the weapons industry; others maintain that he is an unofficial White House envoy. In other camps, rumor has it that Jackson is a CIA agent. This interview by Romain Gubert casts doubt on all of these claims. He is quite simply an ordinary American, although with admittedly very close ties with neoconservative circles. Following a high-profile career in the weapons industry, he decided to stand back a little. Today, Jackson heads the nonprofit NATO Expansion Committee, aimed at promoting democracy everywhere, but primarily in Central and Eastern Europe. His role is to network ... but not with just anybody! He has privileged access to all the corridors of power in both the Old and New World. He is said to have been the author of the famous "Vilnius Ten Declaration", which exposed the rift between the "old" and the "new" Europe on the eve of war in Iraq. According to Jackson, he simply inspired it.