For the past 22 years, Jean-Louis Bruguière has spearheaded the French justice department's fight against terrorism. Today he finds himself on the front lines of the global confrontation with Islamic fanaticism. In a rare interview he shares his view of the combat between states governed by the rule of law and the shadowy fundamentalists. He believes that this is nothing short of a fight to the death. In this confrontation, it is essential that security services from all countries work hand in hand. Jean-Louis Bruguière cites several emblematic examples of successful cooperation among European police forces, enabling them to dismantle a significant number of sleeper cells poised to strike. He also calls on other countries to emulate the French model, where the court system and intelligence agencies work seamlessly together. Last but not least, he notes that the current nerve center of Islamic terrorism is Chechnya, which has superseded Afghanistan under the Taliban.