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Entretien avec Gamal MOUBARAK
conduit par
Pascal Drouhaud
Éditorialiste et Brigitte ADES
Chef du bureau britannique de Politique Internationale.
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It is difficult to succeed on your own merits when your father has been president of Egypt for the past quarter century. Nonetheless, this is what Gamal Mubarak has brilliantly achieved. After a career in international banking, he has decided to get involved in the political life of his country. In two years, he has become one of the top officials of the governing party, a perfect vantage point from which he can analyze the society's development and identify the reforms Egypt needs. Faced with the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, he suggests encouraging the people to get more involved in political action. And to fight against poverty, the breeding ground of radicalism, he proposes a deregulation of the economy while improving social welfare. In short, he wants to turn Egypt into a modern country. But, he stresses, the future of these reforms depends very much on the regional context and, of course, the end of the Israel-Palestine conflict.
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