Politique Internationale - La Revue n°114 - HIVER - 2007

sommaire du n° 114
George W. Bush dans la tourmente
Article de Justin Vaïsse
Historien, chercheur au Center on the United States and France de la Brookings Institution (Washingt
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Times are hard for George W. Bush. His major goal of democratizing the Mid-East is stuck, like American troops in Iraq. He has had to sacrifice his faithful secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfeld, while even the architects behind the war, like Richard Perle, admit that the outlook is not good. Realists led by James Baker are returning to center stage. And the Republican party lost the recent mid-term elections, largely because public opinion no longer favors the war in Iraq. But Bush is not ready to give in. He has no plans to withdraw troops from Iraq, and will not abandon what he sees as his holy mission. During the last two years of their second term, occupants of the White House are more concerned with their place in history than with their standing in the latest polls. So Bush will carry out his plans, come hell or high water. Will history judge him more leniently than his contemporaries?
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