Politique Internationale - La Revue n°114 - HIVER - 2007

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Entretien avec Serguei BAGAPCH
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Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia has been in turmoil. For more than 15 years now, the authorities of the Caucasian republic have experienced tremendous difficulties in trying to exercise their authority over the whole country. In 1991-92 three regions, Adjara, South Ossetia and Abkhazia-refused to join Tbilisi. With active support from the Kremlin, these three separatist regions thumbed their noses at the central government for a long time. Adjara finally fell into line in 2004, but the two other breakaway regions are still holding out against Georgian President Saakashvili. Sergei Bagapsch, the erstwhile "president" of Abkhazia, reiterates his credo: Abkhazia, which fought a violent war against Georgia in 1992-93, culminating in a mass exodus, has everything needed to become a full-fledged State. However, Tbilisi doesn't really want to hear this refrain! Will the international community be able to resolve this crisis before it once again devolves into armed conflict?
Notes :
(1) Pour plus de détails sur les relations russo-géorgiennes, voir l'article de Thorniké Gordadzé dans ce même numéro.
(2) Les ambassadeurs des pays européens accrédités auprès du gouvernement géorgien se rendent souvent à Soukhoumi.
(3) En cas de conflit entre la Géorgie et l'Abkhazie, les Ukrainiens ont fait savoir qu'ils soutiendraient la Géorgie.
(4) Voir, dans ce même numéro, l'interview d'Igor Smirnov.