Politique Internationale - La Revue n°114 - HIVER - 2007

sommaire du n° 114
Entretien avec Jean-Luc DOMENACH
Directeur de recherche à Sciences Po (CERI)
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In this exclusive interview with Joris Zylberman, Jean-Luc Domenach delves into the mysteries of Chinese power. China is no longer a totalitarian state, as it was under Mao. The Communist Party has retained a monopoly on power, violence and international representation, but it has lost its stranglehold on organization and ideology. From the economic standpoint, private entrepreneurs and political authorities have established a sort of symbiosis, although the businessmen do not have a direct influence on the government's decisions. It turns out that the fiercest struggles for influence are between Beijing and decentralized authorities, since greedy local potentates are blocking the central government's determination to negotiate a transition towards more harmonious growth. On the other hand, the increase in popular uprisings, especially noticeable in the last three years, does not pose a real threat to the party. The greatest potential danger for the party is a financial crisis that would lead to recession.
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