Politique Internationale - La Revue n°119 - PRINTEMPS - 2008

sommaire du n° 119
Article de Michel CHING-LONG LU
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Taiwan has come a long way since 1949. The country now ranks high among developed nations in health, education and life expectancy, while its quality of life is one of the best in Asia. But this extraordinary success story is no "miracle", as is so often claimed. It is above all due to the hard work ethic of the Taiwanese, as well as proactive policies - starting with successful agrarian reform and followed by massive investment in light industry, plus a series of highly effective national economic development plans completing the picture. After several decades of authoritarian rule, a democratization process kicked off in 1991, and has reached its conclusion. Now masters of their own destiny, the Taiwanese people naturally hope to play a greater role in the international arena. For the moment, this aspiration is mainly reflected in numerous initiatives by Taiwanese NGOs across the globe.
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