Politique Internationale - La Revue n°133 - AUTOMNE - 2011

sommaire du n° 133
Entretien avec Dennis BLAIR
Ancien Directeur du renseignement national des États-Unis (2009-2010).
conduit par
Correspondant de la radio CBS à Washington, ancien correspondant à Londres et au Moyen-Orient.
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Over a period of 18 months, from early 2009 to mid-2010, Admiral Dennis Blair held a key post at the heart of the U.S. security system, Director of National Intelligence. The post was created in 2004, with the aim of coordinating the activities of the country's numerous intelligence agencies and to inform the President of any threats to national or international security. For a year and a half, Dennis Blair was effectively the man who briefed Barack Obama on the state of the world. He was dismissed under controversial circumstances, and in this exclusive interview with Politique Internationale he speaks for the first time about his work. Admiral Blair addresses all current red button issues, including Islamist terrorism, fears about Iran's nuclear program, the exchange of intelligence with allied countries and the gathering of confidential information. This unique and edifying document reveals the unstinting efforts of the U.S. to ensure they remain one step ahead of their enemies.
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