Politique Internationale - La Revue n°141 - AUTOMNE - 2014

sommaire du n° 141
Entretien avec Michel Barnier
Commissaire européen chargé du marché intérieur et des services depuis le 9 février 2010
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Ancien rédacteur en chef au Figaro. Maître de conférences à l'Institut catholique de Paris.
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As European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, Michel Barnier is a key player in the EU's efforts to combat the financial crisis. In this interview with Politique Internationale, he shares his assessment of the current situation. At a time when the EU, and especially the Commission, is being widely criticized for its handling of the crisis, and Europe seems to be in the grip of pessimism, Michel Barnier is keen to set the record straight. While recognizing the weaknesses inherent in the European system - whose cumbersome processes get in the way of speedy decision-making - he points out that a great deal has been achieved in recent years, starting with the move toward European Banking Union, which will provide a governance framework for financial markets. The man who some observers have pegged as a possible successor to José Manuel Barroso as President of the European Commission believes more strongly than ever in the European dream.
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