Politique Internationale - La Revue n°101 - AUTOMNE - 2003

sommaire du n° 101
Entretien avec Patrick Seale
Écrivain et journaliste
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Brigitte Adès
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Patrick Seale is one of today's leading specialists on Syria, having published in particular an authoritative biography of president Hafez el-Assad. Is Syria the next target after the American and British intervention in Iraq? Patrick Seale does not think so. To start with, the problems encountered on the ground after the fall of Saddam Hussein do not encourage the Americans to open another front. Furthermore, Washington understands that Damascus can play a stabilizing role in the region, particularly in Lebanon. Syria's military presence has already diminished and there is no reason, if the Israelis and Palestinians finally make peace, that Lebanon cannot be independent, he explains. He also notes that Syria has initiated domestic reforms and that even though he faces the hostility of an old guard reluctant to change, Bashar el-Assad seems determined to make his country a modern and democratic Arab nation.

Notes :

(1) Pour l'accueillir le jour de son retour, le 18 août 2003, le président a envoyé sa voiture le chercher à l'aéroport. Il serait également question que Madame Irène Khan, la secrétaire générale d'Amnesty International, fasse une visite en Syrie.