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sommaire du n° 162
L'Ukraine à l'heure du bilan
Article de Alain GUILLEMOLES
Journaliste à La Croix, spécialiste de l'ex-URSS.
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Next 31 March Ukraine will hold its second presidential elections since the victory of the "Revolution of Dignity" in winter 2013-2014. The first election on 25 May 2014 saw the victory of millionaire Petro Poroshenko. Five years later, the outgoing president has still not announced whether he would run for re-election. The polls are admittedly not very encouraging: only 10 to 15% of his fellow citizens say they would vote for him in the first round. As realists, Ukrainians are not particularly critical of their head of state for having failed to regain control of the Donbass region, which is still held by Russian-backed separatists, or even about Moscow's annexation of Crimea. On the other hand, they harbour harsh judgement for his inability to stamp out corruption, a plague as prevalent as it was under his predecessor, the little-missed Viktor Yanukovych. The only element in favour of Mr Poroshenko is the fact that the other putative candidates are even less popular than he is... 

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