Politique Internationale - La Revue n°103 - PRINTEMPS - 2004

sommaire du n° 103
La vérité sur les armes de destructions massives
Article de Jean-Dominique Merchet
Journaliste à L'Opinion
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The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is a major concern at foreign affairs ministries the world over. Revelations surrounding programs conducted by North Korea, Iran or Libya, and the uncovering of a network supervised by Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, have triggered a wave of panic across the globe. Things should be kept in perspective, however. Libya and Iran have seemingly abandoned their nuclear programs. The danger represented by Saddam Hussein has been permanently eliminated. Islamabad and Pyongyang are subject to close surveillance. As for the risk that a terrorist group might make a nuclear bomb, it remains, for the moment, illusory: the technology and know-how required are simply not within reach of entities outside a state-run framework. Biological and chemical weapons are equally complicated to make, and there are no guarantees that their use will have the expected "results". In other words, while extreme vigilance of course remains necessary, there is no need for excessive doomsaying. Indeed, the worst case scenario is never ineluctable....

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